NewNature Academy

Find your true self and develop beyond limits

NewNature Academy is a professional, qualified organisation which values personality, individuality and quality very highly. We aim to provide this to everyone who joins the NewNature Community. After offering yoga and meditation classes on a daily basis in our NewNature Yoga Studio for several years, it was time for us to take the next step: organizing Yoga Teacher Training Courses and give people the opportunity to turn their passion into their occupation, much like we are doing. This is one of the main goals of NewNature Academy.


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NewNature Academy strives to create a safe and trusted environment in which everyone can grow personally and spiritually, beyond what they ever thought possible. On top of that, our goal is to spread the importance and the healing abilities of Yoga. When Yoga is practiced as it was intended, combined with proper meditation and a mindful, balanced lifestyle, it can do wonders to your life. This is something we are determined to help people experience as much as possible.

Who we are

NewNature Academy is founded by Dorien and Jack with the intention of sharing their passion for Yoga, health and wellbeing.


Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are goal oriented, intensive, and very carefully assembled in order to maximise optimal growth and development. We want to offer you the opportunity to experience the unmatched benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice, combined with a conscious lifestyle. Our courses will allow you to discover a new world, expanding your limits. We will be more than happy to guide you in your journey. We will take you out of your comfort zone in a safe and professional environment.

Making changes in one’s life is not an easy task. Breaking old habits is usually harder than learning a new skill, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task. In reality, the actual question is often: “Am I ready to take action now? Or am I merely wishing and waiting for that magical moment to arrive?” Unfortunately, passively waiting for something you wish for deep down rarely leads to the desired results. That is something this course will make you realise. NewNature Academy’s TTC’s are so much more than just a course to learn how to teach a Yoga class. Not only will you get the knowledge and skills to become a yoga teacher, the training will also guide you towards a more balanced and mindful lifestyle in order to achieve your personal and spiritual goals.


The trinity below summarises perfectly how to achieve personal and spiritual development.
It is the foundation of our approach to Yoga and spirituality.




Set sail and discover new horizons



Grasp the knowledge and make it your second nature



Surrender and go beyond what you believe is possible

Dorien Bortels

Dorien Bortels yoga docent teacher

NewNature Academy’s lead teacher is Dorien Bortels (E-RYT 500) with more than 3500 hours of teaching experience. She started her education at Arhanta Yoga by successfully completing the Hatha Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training course. After that, she expanded her knowledge on “How to Teach” by successfully completing the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training course in India. Still hungry for more, she continued to expand her knowledge even further in a variety of Yoga related essentials E-RYT500 yoga alliance certificationsuch as anatomy, physiology, philosophy and proper breathing techniques. On top of that, she is a certified breathing coach and an alumnus of the Wellness Academy based in Hasselt (Belgium) where she completed the Recovery Massage Therapy course. It is her goal to continue to broaden her expertise, and therefore she takes numerous of other workshops and courses throughout the year.

From 2014 until 2018 she worked as one of the lead teachers at Arhanta Yoga in the Netherlands and at their ashram in India. This allowed her to completely devote her time and focus on how to give the highest quality of teachings possible. After that, she wanted to put all her knowledge to good use and help people experience the many benefits of a regular yoga practice. So she opened a successful yoga studio in the small village of Terborg, where she soon welcomed more than 100 students weekly.

After two years of running NewNature Yoga Studio, it was time for a whole new challenge. That is when she and Jack created NewNature Academy. NewNature’s goal: to teach yoga, yogic lifestyle and its philosophy the way it was intended thousands of years ago. And to guide people how to incorporate it in their very different twenty-first-century lives.

How students have experienced Dorien’s classes:

“I think Dorien is an amazing teacher, because I have learned a lot from her in a relatively short period of time. She has a skill to explain clearly and to correct in a way that I felt safe and confident to try out more advanced poses. I value her very highly as a teacher.” Markie

“I have followed Dorien’s classes during my yoga teacher training, and each class was amazing. She has a very thorough knowledge of the poses and explains everything very clearly. Each class is different and never gets boring. After every class I felt better in my body, mind and soul.” Shikha

“Dorien was my asana teacher during my yoga teacher training course and I have learned a lot from her. To me she is a highly qualified teacher.” Sander

Read more reviews about Dorien her classes at Yogatrail.


Davy Jones

Davy Jones (Jack) is NewNature Academy’s organisational strength with over 10 years of experience in operations, health and nutrition. From a very young age, he has been an avid exercise and nutrition enthusiast. His enthusiasm quickly turned into a professional passion, stimulating him to broaden his knowledge of mindful exercise combined with proper nourishment. By regularly attending courses, classes and seminars he continues to expand his knowledge and stays up to date with the latest developments.

He co-developed NewNature Yoga Studio and was NewNature’s personal health and nutrition coach. Jack also taught unique classes such as YogaFit, Mindful Running and CoreStability, and successfully helped numerous people to balance their mental and physical health. Jack is a RYT 200 teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching experience. Thanks to his extended theater and musical background, he is also a certified theater and vocal coach who will safely push you out of your comfort zone.

How students have experienced Jack’s classes:

“Very enjoyable classes, with clear and extensive instructions. Every exercise is adjusted according to your own level. Pleasant change of exertion and relaxation.” Lotte

“Jack is a pleasant, skilled teacher who has the ability to explain matters very clearly. Thank you Jack for the educational lessons and see you soon again!” Jacqueline

“After only a few classes I can definitely see some improvements in myself! Thank you very much Jack!” Thea